Video Of The Day: Can You Drift A Mercedes S-Class?

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What would the normal (?) car-napping young man do with his father’s S-Class ...

What would the normal (?) car-napping young man do with his father’s S-Class in the snow? Well, try to drift the hell out of the luxury sedan, of course.

While you might expect Parker from Vehicle Virgins to go down the different route, we are here to show you the guy sliding his dad’s S550 – despite all the time spent behind the wheels of special edition supercars like the Lambo Aventador Superveloce and the McLaren 675 Longtail, this is the topic of the YouTube channel’s latest adventure.

To be more specific, Parker is joined by Eddie in his S4 in what eventually turns into the all-wheel-drive snowy lap time battle.

While that might sound perfect in theory, there’s one little aspect that risked ruining the fun (or boosting it, depending on where’s you are standing) at times, namely the all-season tires used by a German sedans we are dealing with in this video.

Thankfully, no four-wheeled creature was harmed in the making of the video below, even though we can talk about collateral damage, and most of which has to to with Eddie’s ego.

The two VVs were not alone in their quest to tame a Michigan weather – one of the vehicles that joined the two on the slippery skidpad was the Dodge Charger Hellcat, which was using Bridgestone Blizzak rubber, with the slushly playground allowing a blower part of the HEMI’s soundtrack stand out like nothing else around.

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