Video Of The Day: Drift Trike Seat, Pegs, And Cruising

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Those of you who are following us on the regular basis, could not help but ...

Those of you who are following us on the regular basis, could not help but noticing that lately, we have found our new weak spot, and when it comes to drifting and joyride.

It is called the trike! I guess that from the very first moment we came across that video with the New Zealand guys who were having such the fun, doing all kinds of crazy stuff and drifting with their trikes, and we kind of fall in love with these machines.

We are sure glad that many of you feel the same way about it, so every time we find the new video with drift trikes, we are keen to share it with you as soon as possible!

So what we have here is the 20+ minute clip that shows us the becoming of the drift trike, and many of the possibilities it gives for having ultimate fun, driving it and drifting it on the different terrain!

From what we can see at the beginning of this video, the guys obviously have the trike in its basic form and shape, but they are equipping it with the few more components.

Like a seat of the regular chair, to make it more comfortable, pegs for the legs, and the few other parts, that makes it ready for drifting and to compete with the carts.

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