Video Of The Day: Drifting With Roman Atwood

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Being the good host when someone comes to visit you, is one of the essential ...

Being the good host when someone comes to visit you, is one of the essential trades people have, which reveals the lot about their character and personality.

So, if you are a typical Gearhead, who’s out with his better half for the shopping, and hear that someone you know, and who you would like to see as your guest, comes to your place, what would you do?!

Skate off the shopping activity and reschedule it for the better moment, leave your old lady, and go for the wild ride!? Or perhaps, if your woman is also down with it, then the two of you go out together and give your guests the proper welcoming!

Something like the scenario for the following clip that we would prepared for you today, in which our good friend Adam LZ and his woman got a short term notice, informing them that their friend Roman Atwood is coming.

When it comes to this dude, I believe that a good part of you know him quite well, mainly from his YouTube videos, and the pranks he makes, and which had been seen by more than a billion people!

Needless to say, this time Roman also came equipped with his cameras, hoping to come out with the cool video material. And if we are to judge from Adam’s video, he sure as hell got it!

His good host and his pretty female companion took him out with their Nissan 240SX drift beast, the Mazda Miata, and gave him the wild drifting experience on the parking lot.

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That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?