Video Of The Day: Ford Focus RS Mk2 Vs Ford Focus RS Mk3

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Fun fact: A new Ford Focus RS that has taken America by storm is not the first of ...

Fun fact: A new Ford Focus RS that has taken America by storm is not the first of its kind. There have been two other iterations, and both of which the US never got.

How do those Focuses stack up against the all-powerful and the highly driftable Mk3 Focus RS? As it turns out, pretty good, at least when you are talking about the Mk2 Focus RS.

YouTube channel PistonHeads got hold of both vehicles and put them up in the casual head-to-head challenge. There’s no drag racing or drifting here, just the straight-up comparison of how two hot hatches drive on public roads.

If that sounds boring rest assured that it’s not. Despite a lack of crispy launch control footage you still get the good idea of what sets these two cars apart.

This comparison does the good job of highlighting just what the awesome car the Mk2 Focus RS is. It was the oddity in its time due to its beefy five-cylinder engine, the power plant which still holds up all these years later.

The new RS is, as expected, declared to be awesome. As for which vehicle is superior, well, you’ll just need to watch the video below to find out.

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