Video Of The Day: Mercedes-AMG Explain 2017 F1 Changes

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This year’s Formula One season should bring fans the lot of excitement ...

This year’s Formula One season should bring fans the lot of excitement thanks to all the rule changes meant to make vehicles faster and even out the playing field.

Of course, we have already heard all about the winder tires, wider wings, and we have seen lots of renderings, plus even the real thing from Williams. However, here is your chance to hear more details from Mercedes themselves.

Aside from the wider tires, track, front and the rear wings, the changes open up whole new possibilities for engineers to extract even more aerodynamic performance from the vehicles.

Sure, the front wings for example will feature the somewhat pointy design just for aesthetic purposes, however the link between the wings and the tires will lead to the increase in bodywork width, improving downforce.

Then you have got the rear wing which is being repositioned further backwards and also lower, closer to the diffuser – which will also grow in size, and from 125 mm (4.9 in) to 175 mm high.

Also, for 2017, the area in front of the side pods will be all freed up, and which means teams will be able to extract even more aero performance by coming up with the new bodywork solutions for that particular region.

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