Video Of The Day: The New Pagani Automobili Factory And Showroom

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Modena, Italy, is Mecca for the gearheads. There are a ton of altars to worship ...

Modena, Italy, is Mecca for the gearheads. There are a ton of altars to worship at, including the brand new Pagani factory and showroom.

The company recently finished building its new facility, was so excited that it sent us this time-lapse video of its construction, these photos of the finished process.

Pagani has every reason to be talking up its new stomping grounds, which it describes as the mix of technology and tradition. It was designed in-house by the Pagani design studio.

Horacio Pagani’s sons, Leonardo and Christopher, led the project. In this time-lapse video you can see a construction from beginning to end.

Watching the entire building be built from the ground up in just about two minutes is pretty incredible. Well, we aren’t big architecture buffs and won’t attempt to try and break down a juxtaposition between new and old here.

What we’ll say is that the new Pagani factory and showroom looks like the must-visit for tourists. A tour of the showroom starts at €15 ($15.88) and the full factory tour runs €35 ($37.06). We can think of worse ways to spend $15 and than by staring at some of the most beautiful cars ever designed.

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