Video Of The Day: POLICE Vs SUPERCARS In Monaco!

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With the supercar population as dense as the one in Monaco, the police are playing ...

With the supercar population as dense as the one in Monaco, the police are playing the truly special role, as the officers have to deal with all sorts of drivers, and some of which are more civilized than others.

Like pretty much any power-gifting instrument in this world, supercars tend to bring out the best and the worst in a man. That’s fine, as long as it doesn’t lead to go-fast machine drivers stopping traffic in a city-state just to get their share of instant gratification via public attention.

And more or less legal maneuvers aside, this compilation below allows us to get a good taste of what happens when cops pull over supercars in the said world supercar capital.

Truth be told, a conclusion here is that the officers show the balanced attitude – should the arm of the law get too long, the tourism can be affected, and if the authorities don’t keep things under control, we end up with situations such as the one in the video below, which makes things unsafe and ruin the fun for everybody.

Oh, and by the way, incredible polish on all Monaco police officers boots should give you the idea on how thorough things can get if necessary.

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