Video Of The Day: Streetdrift-Style “Sanpatsu” Competition At Nikko Circuit

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Japanese drifters have plenty of aces up their sleeves, and moves that allow them ...

Japanese drifters have plenty of aces up their sleeves, and moves that allow them to pull jaw-dropping slip angles on the country’s narrow roads. However, Japan also has certain the wide roads, built to prevent trucks from struggling traffic. And, as you can imagine, the local sliders have come up with the dancing scheme that’s specifically tailored to this kind of environment.

It all started out as the secret movement that took over the streets, one called Sanpatsu, which can be roughly translated into three movements. Well, the authorities eventually decided to prevent any consequences that might be associated with all the tire marks a sideways drivers left behind, and they placed barriers in strategic locations, preventing the steering wheel bearers from doing their thing.

However, by that point, Sanpatsu had become the thing – as a drifter, who wouldn’t want to be able to pull stunts in the straight line?

As such, the country’s drifters now use a flick-involving movement on the track. And we are here to bring you an example of this, one that comes from the Nikko Circuit. The event seen here featured the street drifters who were invited to put their skills to track use.

YouTuber noriyaro, who always knows how to deliver the good time thanks to sharing adventures from the Land of the Rising Sun, has recently visited the track and decided to share his adventure with us.

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