Video Of The Day: How To Stretch A Tire… And How You Don’t

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We are glad to inform you that we’ve one more video which can be placed in ...

We are glad to inform you that we’ve one more video which can be placed in the DIY category. Personally, we find these videos really useful and educational too! Hope that you feel the same!

And if you do, we’ll be more than happy to continue with our work. Anyways, let’s see what’s on today’s menu.

In the video below, you have the possibility to observe the tire stretching process, with the help of FIRE! There are the plenty of videos showing you exactly the same, however, we chose to present you this particular one because there are two failed attempts recorded on tape!

And we really appreciate these guys, honesty. It is good to let people know that the process isn’t successful in the first try.

Moreover, for a purpose of the video, the guys are using two 195/45R15 tires with intention to stretch them on 9Jx15 BBS alloy rims. And the final destination of these wheels is the 1986 Scirocco 16V weekend cruiser!

Additionally, this vehicle isn’t made to be driven fast, because the stretched tires reduce the handling. It is made to look good.

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