Video Of The Day: Tips For Taking Girls For Motorbike Rides

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Riding the motorcycle offers a lot of fun, and if you are reading this, you ...

Riding the motorcycle offers a lot of fun, and if you are reading this, you already know that, probably want to share the joy with another person; perhaps the nice girl you know, or your wife, girlfriend or crush. And if it is your first time doing that, here are some tips on how to do it.

But just before you ride up to her house to give her the spin around the area, make sure your motorcycle is in the top condition and will properly brake, steer, and accelerate. You might also want to give it the wash if it is dirty; ladies usually like clean things to sit on.

Done? Great! But don’t go yet. Grab the helmet and at least the riding jacket she could wear. Borrow them from the friend if you don’t have spares, and make sure she doesn’t ride pillion like the squid while you are tucked in your Dainese leathers.

If you are already in the relationship and plan on giving her regular rides (no pun intended), you would better buy her proper women’s gear.

Good, now you are good to go. After arriving, make sure you give the lady the briefing on what to expect while riding. Mention the fact that it is nothing like going around in the car, and doing it’ll require leaning with you and holding on tight.

Also, if you want to avoid the stupid spill, tell her she needs your permission to get on or off a motorcycle, so you are aware of this and will be prepared to hold a machine the right side up.

Don’t forget to fold down a pillion footpegs and tell the damsel she needs to keep her feet on them the whole time you will be riding.

And that would be all the boring stuff you need to be aware of, and for more funny tips on how to have a great time with the female passenger on the bike, check out this guy’s tutorial below.

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