Video Of The Day: Tokyo’s $10 Million Lamborghini Car Run

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Imported automobiles are the relatively rare sight in Japan – much less high-end ...

Imported automobiles are the relatively rare sight in Japan – much less high-end supercars like Lambos. Seeing the whole bunch of them gathered on the same stretch of Japanese road, then, is like witnessing the entire pack of the endangered animals frolicking together in the same place. That’s what makes the video below, however brief, so special.

Assembled in this two-and-a-half-minute video is an estimated $10 million worth of Sant’Agata’s finest.

Pay close attention and you will see a smattering of Gallardos, Diablos, Murcielagos, and Aventadors. There’s the handful of Ferraris, too – including some 458s, a Dino 246, and the twelve-cylinder 456 GT.

Of course, this being Japan, few of them are left in their original factory specification. And some are decked out in neon or chrome, with one Gallardo Spyder in the dazzling purple starlight fade, and another notable Murcielago in bright orange with the 24-karat gold graphics.

The combined effect is eye-catching in the extreme, and then nobody ever said Italian exotics were supposed to be subtle. Follow American YouTuber Steve Feldman as he goes behind the scenes of the supercar meet in Tokyo in the video below.

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