Video Of The Day: Toyota C-HR 2017 SUV Review

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It seems that the Toyota’s 2017 C-HR sub-compact crossover is the type of ...

It seems that the Toyota’s 2017 C-HR sub-compact crossover is the type of car you buy only if you are absolutely smitten with the way that it looks.

Much like the Nissan Juke, the C-HR is the funky little thing in terms of styling. It also has decent interior space for the both passengers and their luggage, it drives pretty well according to Carwow’s Mat Watson.

The problem is that you have to kind of take a good with the bad when it comes to this vehicle. The interior, for example, looks pretty good, the materials look alright (mostly), and you definitely don’t need to look too much in order to find flimsy or poor quality surfaces.

Then there is the space in the back, which is surprisingly decent for the car this size. However, because of the C-pillar design, the vehicle doesn’t have good visibility, if your kids sit in the back, they will be looking at the door panel rather than out the window.

Toyota offers the C-HR optionally with the all-wheel drive, while if fuel economy is on your mind, and you can get it with the same hybrid power unit you will find in the Toyota Prius.

In the end, Watson thinks you should consider the C-HR if you are in the market for the small, non-premium sporty crossover. Although considering something and having it shortlisted as the potential buy are two very different things.

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