Video Of The Day: What’s Underneath The 645-Hp Dodge Viper ACR?

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2017 will go down in history as the year that marked the end of a Dodge Viper ...

2017 will go down in history as the year that marked the end of a Dodge Viper production. While the successor has been rumored, there’s no official word on the replacement for the retiring Gen V supercar.

The YouTube story takes us underneath a track-savvy machine, where we get to see questionable welds, albeit not in structural areas – Drive’s Alex Roy visited a TLC four-wheel-drive facility in California, whose CEO got under the Viper to discuss its belly details.

But, since we don’t know the history of this particular Viper ACR example, we will take the weld detail with the grain of salt.

If you ask us, once we go past the welding aspect mentioned above, the rest of the bits mentioned in this video are subjective, so you should keep this in mind while watching this clip, especially when talking about the part that was filmed inside the vehicle.

For one thing, complaining abo third all-new generation of the Viper not willing to kill its occupants on every full throttle occasion, and especially after admitting how snappy the early cars felt, is the move that can’t exactly be taken seriously.

We can’t help but remind you that a $122,490 supercar managed to set no less than 13 track records back in 2015. Well, for instance, the simple man-engineered supercar one-upped the P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder on Laguna Seca.

Some gearheads out there feel like they need detailed explanations on how the Dodge Viper ACR was able to outgun velocity tools that play in totally different financial leagues.

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