This Video Shows How Much Damage You Can Get From A Dirt Fall

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We all know that riding the motorcycle is fun. Especially when comes to driving ...

We all know that riding the motorcycle is fun. Especially when comes to driving the dirt bike in the forests. It’s about adrenaline rush, and improving your driving skills.

Every man once in his life would try the crazy race with this kind of bikes on place like this. Let’s find out what happens in this video.

On the video below made by the guys at the 6Foot4Honda YouTube channel, we can see 3 friends driving their bikes on the road. Everyone was nicely equipped with helmet, gloves and several cameras. And everything went well, they were driving a little bit fast, and suddenly something changed.

They arrived at the light curve, so the first guy fell down after losing control of the motorcycle. The driver behind him panicked and fell right behind the first one.

Let that be a lesson, follow your own line not the rider in front of you. The first guy ended up with the broken arm, but the other guy was not seriously injured, and he only got scratches on his body.

Nothing ended up seriously so they are still driving around and having fun. The video below shows how much damage you can get even from a little fall in the dirt.

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That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.