Vile Weed Of A Woman Lashes Into A Poor Taxi Driver’s Soul

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Even though nobody likes to arrive late when they are paying for transportation, ...

Even though nobody likes to arrive late when they are paying for transportation, we really can’t find any excuse for this woman’s horrendous behavior.

Just so the title of the video below doesn’t confuse anybody, the term bogan is meant to be an Aussie and NZ specific derogatory word, used to describe someone who talks, and dresses and behaves in ways considered unsophisticated or unrefined.

Now, while we can’t really comment on what the passenger is wearing, well, we can certainly conclude that her behavior and choice of words directed not just at the driver, and the audience as well, is of remarkable bad taste.

At the end of this video, she even goes off on the people who told her off in the comments and we must admit, that level of commitment to upholding one’s self-image is impressive, in the sad, ironic type of way.

As for this taxi driver, being verbally abused is bad enough, but being verbally abused by somebody who’s lashing out in this manner can be traumatizing. And at that point he was probably more likely to reason with a T-1000. My heart breaks for the taxi driver oh my Goodness.

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