Visible Combustion Inside A Running Engine In Super Slow Motion! WOW

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The state-of-the-art camera technology we have today, well, enables us to watch ...

The state-of-the-art camera technology we have today, well, enables us to watch anything that we want at any possible speed that we would like.

If you want to observe closely, you can extremely slow it down and observe every little detail there is. This is all possible with the high-speed camera which some of them are capable of playing the footage in 3000 frames per second.

In this one, the very capable Phantom camera is used for the see through engine video in which we can observe the combustion chamber. You will see the combustion personal and up close as the engine is running.

For sure, it is very wild to watch up close every different engine stroke and how the combustion is sending flames through a chamber, delivering power for all of us to bask upon.

Take the intense ride as the exhaust and intake valve open up with each piston stroke. And we can see exactly how the air-fuel mixture is pulled in and the exhaust pumped out.

These guys use 3 different types of fuel, you can see how the engine acts in three different ways. A see through engine video like this is probably not seen by many, so watch the video below and enjoy.

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