Volvo Dump Truck Battles 3 Monster Trucks At Once In Epic Tug Of War!

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We know that dump trucks can be really powerful. The video below shows us in an ...

We know that dump trucks can be really powerful. The video below shows us in an interesting way just how much the Volvo dump truck can pull!

What we have here is the game of tug-of-war between three monster trucks and the Volvo A40F dump truck! Three monster trucks were not enough to beat the monstrosity that is a Volvo!

As the presenter said at the very beginning, this could be very boring or very good! Fortunately for us, it turned out to be GREAT!

The three monster trucks gave it their all, and even their combined force was not enough to defeat this enormous dump truck. It should come to no surprise, though, as a Volvo A40F has an engine that boasts 476 hp!

This machine is big and powerful, there is no doubt about that! Furthermore, it is built to haul a lot of weight, so these three monster trucks present no problem whatsoever.

The A40F Volvo dump truck is truly the engineering masterpiece! The monster trucks never stood the chance against it! Plus, this behemoth has terrifying specs! On top of the 476 hp, produced by the16.1-liter V6 engine which is amplified by the turbocharger!

The max torque of this giant is 1862 lb-ft! That is some tremendous power! And as if that wasn’t enough, it has the payload of 85,980lb!

To put it simply, the Volvo dump truck hauling the three monster trucks is not even near to a maximum potential of this machine!

The maximum speed of 35 miles per hour is probably the only thing that is not impressive about a A40F dump truck, but frankly, it was never really built for speed! You must watch this video of this monstrosity as it easily wins the tug-of-war against three monster trucks!

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