VW Bug Punts Deer Like A Kicker Trying To Score The Winning Goal!

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While we can prepare ourselves for some accidents on a road, there are other ...

While we can prepare ourselves for some accidents on a road, there are other unexpected situations for which we simply cannot be fully ready, no matter how hard we try.

Of course, we could drive the little slower in areas which are known to be the home of deer, and even in that situation, the outcomes still may vary from case to case. So, here’s the question for all of you: what happens when a whitetail deer faces the little Volkswagen Beetle on the highway?

This time, we take the look at this unbelievable situation in which the Volkswagen Beetle goes head-to-head with the whitetail deer.

This whitetail deer was merely trying to get to where it wanted to be, and unfortunately for dear old Bambi, the destination of its journey was on the other side of the busy highway with two lanes.

What the dear did not expect while crossing the highway was that the vicious little Volkswagen Bug would come across its way and hit it at speed of 50 mph. And it really wasn’t the driver’s fault as he did not have the time to slow down or swerve, the results were just disastrous.

The whitetail deer goes end over end, and flying 30 feet into the air, we are pretty much confident to assume that it got every single bone in its body broken.

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