If You Want To Drive Yourself To Death, Go Ahead! Leave Others Alone

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If you are looking for something to scare away any irresponsible overtaking ...

If you are looking for something to scare away any irresponsible overtaking tendencies you might have, well, then simply check out the video below.

We have seen plenty of overtaking fails, both online and in the real world. We have seen the few quite recently too, though this specific one does the great job of pointing out how unpredictable things can get at the high speeds and just how dangerous it is for you and other motorists if you are not the very careful person.

In short, as the dashcam vehicle is driving along, it comes across the small convoy of cars, made up of the Hyundai Tucson, the Citroen C4 and non-facelifted Passat B5 Variant.

That would have all been swell if this driver of the Passat didn’t feel like it was as good the time as any to overtake the two vehicles in front of him.

That was the absolute worst time to attempt such the maneuver and the fact that he only had one running headlight is absolutely no excuse.

As far as we can tell, there is good all-round visibility on that particular patch of road, and considering both the straight line the vehicles were on and the lighting and atmospheric conditions.

It is a good thing the driver of the dashcam vehicle reacted in time, hit the brakes and pulled to the right, because this Passat was headed straight for him, while also leaving the lot of tire debris behind.

While this is just the calculated guess, cars that old generally tend to have faulty electronics and encountering one without the working ABS isn’t all that rare.

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