Want A Huge Flashback? This Stock ’70 Chevelle SS Looks Brand New!

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Chevrolet Chevelles are one of the hottest muscle cars back in the day and ...

Chevrolet Chevelles are one of the hottest muscle cars back in the day and here’s one such ride which gives a real huge flashback. It’s a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 4-Speed so amazing with the brand new look of all the bone stock features from the inside to the outside.

Aside from the wheels and the added flat stripes, this Chevelle has everything that’s factory original. From the paintwork to the assembly line markings, it’s all stock. It was last redone in 1994 and it’s sure awesome how the car has held. Well, talk about extreme care for a classic beauty.

Going inside reveals an ambiance that sends chills down the spines – a definite time capsule indeed. From the headliner to the floor, everything resonates a 70’s feel. To top it all, it even looks brand new! How cool is that?

Popping the hood unveils a sick setup that’s as stock as everything else. It’s neat and clean with every factory markings still on it.

See everything out for yourself and wanna know how Chevelles sounded from the factory? You’ll here it too! Check it out.

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