If You Want Your MX-5 Miata Kicks But Don’t Like The Idea Of A Cloth Roof, Mazda’s Got Your Back With Its New RF Folding Hard Top

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The MX-5 RF is the hotly anticipated, slightly controversial debut from Mazda. Has ...

The MX-5 RF is the hotly anticipated, slightly controversial debut from Mazda. Has the Japanese company finally ended its string of great vehicles, or is this just the next bead? Carfection seems to think the Retractable Fastback is the Miata to buy now, though it is not without its flaws.

Some things are just going to come down to choice, like pickles in the burger and Kirk vs. Picards. But if you are the type of guy who wants his roadster to feel like the safe, sexy coupe, this could be the MX-5 for you.

Obviously, they have had to add a bit of weight to make the beautiful folding mechanism, and maybe this could be your motivation to finally start that diet.

The tall buttresses and metal roof are especially sexy on this white vehicle. But even silver works, as proven by the launch vehicle at last year’s LA Auto Show. From the side, the Mazda MX-5 RF is so beautiful it will make you bite the back of your hand.

The rest of the design is the same, well, retaining the origami creases down the hood and that sharp front end. Roof up or down, it is got visual appeal by the bucketload.

The engines are the same, so you’ve either got the rev-happy 1.5-liter or this 2.0-liter with the broader spectrum of performance.

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