Watch A 800HP Challenger Hellcat Race A Stock Lambo Huracan

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If you love watching the fast-launching all-wheel driven supercars such as the ...

If you love watching the fast-launching all-wheel driven supercars such as the Lambo Huracan putting in work against tuned muscle vehicles, you should definitely check out this nail-biter.

Generally speaking, a last thing the regular Challenger Hellcat needs on a drag strip is more power, if one of its main goals is to get off to the great start, without losing too much traction.

Well, in this case, however, the Hellcat is packing Drag Radials to go with its tuned 800+ horsepower 6.2-liter V8 HEMI power unit, which means grip is not going to be that big of the issue.

Should that worry a 610 PS Lambo Huracan? Most definitely, seen as how its all-wheel drive system was its biggest advantage off a line – that and the fact that the stock Hellcat only came with 707 horsepower, whereas this one featured even more fire power.

So how close was this in the end? Well, the winner had just the fraction of a second on the runner-up. Now its up to you to find out which is which. Good race between 2 awesome cars!

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