Woman Accidentally Drives Off Fourth Floor Of Multi-Storey Car Park

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Car accidents happen every day. They are the unfortunate problem caused by the ...

Car accidents happen every day. They are the unfortunate problem caused by the fact that humans are imperfect, the machines and systems designed by them fail from time to time.

Once in the while, a thing called the freak accident happens. That is when something unusual takes place, and it is often surrounded by mystery. Thanks to the dash cams and decent resolution video footage, this is no longer the issue these days.

This accident we are writing about today involves the young woman and the Audi Q5. On March 14, the 23-year-old driver drove off the fourth-floor garage in Towson (Baltimore).

However, she did not drive off to the third or fifth floor, and straight towards the pavement, many feet below.

Thankfully, no pedestrians were on a sidewalk where she landed her Audi, she was not seriously injured following the accident.

The consequences of the incident could have been severe if people had been below, or if Ms. Lindsay T.C. was not driving the car as safe as her SUV.

According to the Baltimore County Police, this driver crashed into the concrete barrier before falling four floors, landing wheels up on the sidewalk.

The cause of this accident was not specified, nor was the penalty that the 23-year-old driver will face for this event.

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