Watch AZN From Street Outlaws Almost Die In The “Nitrous Chair”

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Ever wanted to get your head spinning with just the chair and some nitrous? Well, ...

Ever wanted to get your head spinning with just the chair and some nitrous? Well, this is what it would look like. AZN from Street Outlaws straps himself to the office chair while his buddies release a nitrous oxide from the huge bottles placed underneath the chair!

He handles the whole lot of G’s as he spins faster and faster until all the nitrous is gone. And it might be even close to the human limit of withstanding G force as he picks up more and more momentum! A nitrous chair bounces up and down as it builds up momentum, it really looks like he’s riding the angry bull.

He seems fine afterwards though, as he gives the interview right after his buddies get him out of his protective gear.

When you spin that fast, of course you are going to have the some problems, and AZN mentions that he felt his heart touch his rib cage as the momentum increased, he spun faster and faster.

All in all, don’t try this at home! And as one of the guys put it, this nitrous chair is the redneck centrifuge that can be life threatening and nobody should attempt this outside of the controlled and professional environment.

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