Watch A BMW M2 Annihilate A Ford Mustang GT In A Drag Race

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More power doesn’t always guarantee you a win on a drag strip, as vividly ...

More power doesn’t always guarantee you a win on a drag strip, as vividly demonstrated by this drag race between the BMW M2 Coupe and a Ford Mustang V8. Powered by the 415hp 5.0-litre V8, the Ford Mustang GT is clearly the more powerful vehicle here with BMW’s baby M car offering just 365 horsepower from its turbocharged 3.0-litre straight six engine. Things get more complicated though, as the Ford Mustang GT has a traditional six-speed manual gearbox whereas this BMW M2 Coupe wears the very fast-shifting double-clutch DCT gearbox. History has taught us that no human can match the speed of the DCT’s gear change, no matter how talented they are. And then there’s the weight difference. The BMW M2 Coupe is hardly a lightweight vehicle, tipping the scales at 3,461 lbs (1570 kg) but the Ford Mustang GT proves to be even fatter at 3,792 lbs (1720kg). At least the American car is the cheaper one by the long mile. And with all that in mind, let’s watch Evo magazine’s amazing drag race to find out which one is the fastest. So we knew the Ford Mustangs are slow in corners, now we know they’re also slow in a straight line!

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