Watch A Cadillac Representative Hit A Tram During A CTS-V Test Drive

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Sheer luck and irony – this are the two main ingredients of the Cadillac ...

Sheer luck and irony – this are the two main ingredients of the Cadillac CTS-V demonstration ride that ended up in the crash back at the 2015 Monterey Car Week.

As shown in this video, a demo driver, who may or may not have been hired directly by GM, took a guest for the ride in the brand spanking new CTS-V. We have to thank Redditor nist7 for bringing this video under the spotlights.

The unfortunately-short drive kicks odd with the few lines from the driver that have determined us to make the irony remark above, it doesn’t take long for the man’s lack of performance driving experience to meet his unbalanced enthusiasm.

As the 640 horsepower Caddy entered a serious right-hander, this driver went for some late braking, going into the bend at around 83 mph (make that 130 km/h).

In the scream-loaded scene, the supercharged sedan sideswipes the Pebble Beach trolley and, if you ask us, the stability control of the car is, most likely, the one responsible for preventing a full collision. Luckily, nobody seems to have been injured in this accident and the airbags did not even deploy.

Even so, it’s the pity that many drivers decide to break the law during events such as the Monterey Car Week. Well, don’t imagine that all of them turn to speeding in their attempt to make the most out of their Pebble Beach experience, at the expense of other people’s safety and good times.

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