Watch This Chevy LT5-Powered Opel Kadett Fly Up A Hill

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When this Kadett was made in 1976, well, Opel probably didn’t expect this to ...

When this Kadett was made in 1976, well, Opel probably didn’t expect this to happen to it. Originally available with the maximum of 108 horsepower, this bright yellow Kadett now pushes out more than 650 horsepower.

Its 5.7-litre Chevrolet LT5 V8 engine currently revs to the dizzying 10,000rpm.

For the while, the engine used a standard cross-plane crank, but – as detailed in the article on Engine Labs from a couple of years ago – the mega Kadett now has the flat-plane crank, allowing it to rev into the stratosphere.

This vehicle competes in hill climb competitions across the world, is piloted by the seven-time national hill climb champion Holger Hovemann.

The Kadett has the little secret, though. The floor pan, engine and the greasy bits are all from the C4 Vette donor car that crashed at some point, and the heavily-modified Kadett body has been slotted on top.

So it is not really the Kadett, but we are sure that detail won’t stop you enjoying the video below.

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