Watch Ford Romania Raise Hell In A Gymkhana Video Of Its Own

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Ken Block’s insane Gymkhana videos showing him torturing tyres of various Fords ...

Ken Block’s insane Gymkhana videos showing him torturing tyres of various Fords have become the global sensation, with every video generating millions of hits. Well, many have tried but failed to replicate Block’s enviable driving prowess, and apart from his own sponsor, that is.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company, Ford Romania has created their own Gymkhana-style video and with some impressive precision driving on display from Italian-Romanian Junior WRC star Simone Tempestini.

Aptly taking place at a Ford factory in Craiova, Romania, Tempestini gives the 290 hp Fiesta R5 rally car the thorough workout, powersliding through a production plant while narrowly avoiding assembly lines and other obstacles at high speed. And we feel sorry for whoever has to clean up all those tire marks inside a factory.

As with Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos, a standout stunt is worth the wait at the end. Showing his nerve, Simone Tempestini tears through the factory and speeds under the car lift post, narrowly missing the overhead van with mere inches to spare.

It’s perhaps not surprising to see such skilled driving from the two-time rally champion. The vehicle was also built to survive such brutal punishment: developer M-Sport fitted Reiger external reservoir three-way adjustable dampers and the set of trick front and rear sway bars, which explains how a suspension was able to take the battering during the numerous hard-landed jumps.

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