Watch As The Guys From Lego Pneumatic Engines Build A Working V8!

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Just image the things that you can do with the Lego… Well we have all seen the ...

Just image the things that you can do with the Lego… Well we have all seen the innovating and mind-blowing things that came out of Legos, every time something new is built with Legos we get excited.

I’m not sure why it is like that, I think it has to do something with the thought that they are only toys, for someone to be able to build something amazing with them, well that is just incredible.

We have seen the many amazing things that were built with Legos, and like real size sports cars, ships, boats, space ships, and many other amazing things.

Well in the video below we can see one more awesome thing that has been made with Legos, and that is the fully functional minimized V8 engine, that is working and producing power like the real engine.

In is interesting to see something like this to be able to produce power, well, for example this mini V8 Lego engine can make very HIGH RPM. And to think it is only the toy.

The one thing that I just love about this engine, are the details. If you are interested to see how this mini V8 engine runs, feel free to watch this video.

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