Watch This Hellcat Bless An Entire City Block With Its Burnout Smoke

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A burnout is fun. The burnout in which you shift into second gear is hilarious ...

A burnout is fun. The burnout in which you shift into second gear is hilarious fun. And if you drive one of Dodge’s Charger or the Challenger SRT Hellcats, you can keep that fun going all the way through your first seven gears. This was recently proven on the quiet city street in Poland, with a camera rolling from the nearby rooftop.

(Editor’s Note: We don’t recommend that you try this at home, under any circumstance. And those who ignore this advice assume responsibility for paying their own tickets.)

In this video, the Hellcat driver sets off into the brake stand and almost immediately has to shift the vehicle into second gear. The brake stand quickly turns into the rolling burnout and the tire destruction kicks into, ahem, high gear.

From there, this driver keeps their foot to the floor and the action under control as the supercharger and the 6.2-liter V-8 engine do their thing.

The noise is great. The tire smoke is plentiful. The Hellcat driver has clearly claimed dominance over this section of Polish roadway.

All others might drive around as they are no longer worthy. Well, unless they also have another Hellcat for a duel. Or maybe there’s someone out there plotting revenge by bringing a Demon to the party?

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