Watch In Horror As This Guy Totally Fucks Up Loading A 1965 Ford Mustang Into A Trailer

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Driving a car onto the truck. How hard can it be? Well, apparently, the lot harder ...

Driving a car onto the truck. How hard can it be? Well, apparently, the lot harder than it looks.

Incidents of prized automobiles being damaged while loaded and unloaded from trucks aren’t the new phenomenon but watching this 1965 Mustang crash into the trailer is particularly painful.

The driver of the Mustang seems rather relaxed when driving a prized muscle car up the ramps and has it lined up perfectly.

Perhaps being quite experienced, and he proceeds to drive into a truck quite quickly before the rear wheels suddenly lose traction.

This sends the Mustang sliding to the right where it crashes into the side of this truck while its rear-end balances precariously in the middle of the ramps. This is why you record when they unload and load your baby.

It is impossible to say how much damage has been caused to a rear quarter panel, undertray and wheel but we can’t imagine the Mustang’s owner being very pleased!

Watch in horror as this guy totally fucks up loading the 1965 Ford Mustang into a trailer

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