Watch From Inside The Factory That Makes The BMW Motorcycle Engine

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With existence of almost one century the BMW motorcycle or Motorrad division is te ...

With existence of almost one century the BMW motorcycle or Motorrad division is te proud owner of many successful models across the years. It all started with the BMW R32 Model in 1922 when BMW merged the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke.

The video below features the whole process of production of one BMW motorcycle engine. Even back in those days when all of the manufacturers were using total loss oiling systems BMW were in front of their time and used more advanced recirculating the wet sump oiling system which were in use until 1969 they started using high pressure oil-system!

Personally, we look on a Bavarian manufacturer as advanced pioneer in the automotive industry. We have seen a lot from them including some of the fastest serial production cars and the super advanced motorcycles. And we are really glad that we met the video below and we are sharing with you.

The process starts with manufacturing the cylinders, and then the engineers shift on the production of the block which will host all the moving parts inside. Well, also it is worth to be mentioned that all of the parts are precisely handmade!

It is really interesting to see how each part of the engine comes to life, how silent are before they are formed into one functioning unit.

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