Watch A Man Crash A McLaren MP4-12C While Driving With One Hand

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Allow us to point out that there are the few issues with the McLaren 12C in this ...

Allow us to point out that there are the few issues with the McLaren 12C in this video. We will start with the production sticker on the wheels – unless you like to witness tire changes, you are not supposed to see that.

Then there is the angle of the rear wheels – so far, the British automaker hasn’t made us of the four-wheel-steer technology, and even though the upcoming 720S might just change that.

Nevertheless, the greatest issue with the 12C can be found inside the vehicle. And we have to agree with Rob Ferretti, the YouTuber who delivered this video – most of the responsibility for this McLaren crash belongs to passenger.

The quotes are here since we are actually talking about the driving instructor who was supposed to prevent the guy behind the wheel from introducing the supercar to the curb.

The accident took place at the $99 ride and drive experience. You know, the kind that allows the masses to enjoy the few laps behind the wheels of the go-fast machines that would otherwise be out of reach.

Perhaps the only positive side of this unfortunate tale is that both the one-hand-on-the-wheel driver and the instructor seemed to have walked away from the crash without the scratch – McLarens have proven the crash resistance of their carbon safety cells, if we factor in the modest velocity involved in the crash, this makes full sense.

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