Watch Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Hitting 250 Km/h Like It’s Nothing

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We can safely say that the new Mercedes AMG E63 S is the festival of incredible ...

We can safely say that the new Mercedes AMG E63 S is the festival of incredible numbers but nothing screams Insanely Fast! louder than the speedometer being rushed into deep triple digit numbers.

On times like these, we find ourselves asking why on the earth would someone need more than 600 horsepower in a four-door saloon before the cold, hard truth hits us: because it is just huge fun.

That and of course because Mercedes AMG is one of the core sides in a power war that’s been going on for over fifteen years now. BMW M and Audi RS are some of the others, if you had to ask.

Powered by the twin turbo 4.0-litre V8 that pumps out no less than 603 horsepower, the new Mercedes AMG E63 S sets the tone for the years to come. With power going to all four wheels via the nine-speed automatic wet clutch gearbox, it’s also supercar-worrying quick off the line, managing 3.5 seconds for a classic 0-62mph procedure.

Top speed is the limited 155mph (250km/h) but AMG will lift it to 300km/h if you tick the correct box in the options list.

Oh, and there’s the Drift mode too; pull the two shift paddles at the same time, the front axle is disengaged, allowing the E63 S to behave as the proper hooligan. Sounds impressive right?

Well, nothing is more impressive than watching that speedo hitting 250km/h in such a short time from the standstill. Released from Sport Auto, the video below simply demonstrates just how insanely quick the new German super saloon really is.

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