Watch This Motorcyclist’s Extremely Close Call With A Bear

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This is something you definitely don’t see every day! Well, how many of you ...

This is something you definitely don’t see every day! Well, how many of you have been attacked by the wild animal while casually driving on the road? Well, for most of us, the answer is absolutely never!

In the US, the worst thing that can catch you off guard on a road, is probably another driver, the rock, or in some rarer cases, the deer trying to cross the road! And things are different in other parts of the world! The video we have for you today proves exactly that!

The video below was recorded in Thailand, it features a close encounter between a biker and the small bear! The biker is surprised by a baby bear running out of the woods and possibly trying to cross a road, but luckily, he showed quick reflexes, immediately turned to the right and narrowly missed the wild beast.

The biker will definitely have the good story for telling after this close encounter! At a very least, the whole incident finished happily, as neither a small bear nor the biker were injured.

The biker does give the couple of remarks, but that is understandable. After all, these kinds of encounters with the wild animals do not happen very often.

Fortunately for us, the biker had the GoPro camera strapped on his helmet, with which he recorded the video below, giving him proof that something crazy like this actually happened!

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