Watch Nismo Mechanics Fixing A Racing GT-R Through The Night In This Amazing Time-Lapse

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Mechanics working for racing teams have the most stressful job ever. Read this ...

Mechanics working for racing teams have the most stressful job ever. Read this then watch it. With a broken chassis and only a night to prepare the car for the 12 hour Bathurst race, Nissan mechanics had a nightmare before them.

They worked for a whole night fixing the chassis on the No. 24 car. And yes, they filmed the time lapse video now uploaded to YouTube for us all to enjoy. The #24 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 car had a major accident at the practice session.

And the qualifying way only a night away. The whole team had to strip the car down, remove all the front pieces, then make that chassis straight and then put it all back together. Nismo TV filmed the whole endeavor. And yes, they succeeded in making the car. It was ready for qualifying.

Watching mechanics have a sleepless night getting the car together is both, inspiring, motivational and amazing. And you have to watch the movie to connect with Nismo mechanics and congratulate them on an amazing job.

They did the work putting together the racing GT-R in a way you’d expect a movie producer to make it. Really inspiring.

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