Watch The Stig Throw An Aston Vulcan Around The Top Gear Track

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Watching Top Gear’s Tame Racing Driver’s inhuman ability to throw the supercar ...

Watching Top Gear’s Tame Racing Driver’s inhuman ability to throw the supercar around the test track never ceases to amaze and entertain.

His replacement in The Grand Tour, The American leaves the lot to be desired – we wish he would just shut up and drive like the Stig. You would think that the 800 hp Aston Martin Vulcan track monster would be hard to handle, yet the Stig seemingly has no trouble taming it around a track.

On the outside, he makes it all look so easy. But it’s the different story when we switch to StigCam, which gives us the driver’s eye view of the lap.

Here you can see how he has to constantly wrestle with a wheel to keep the vicious Vulcan in check, nearly loses it at the very end.

It also allows us to listen to a raspy roar of the Vulcan’s bellowing V12 in all its delicious glory – it sounds like the angry wasp.

It’s such a shame the iconic Top Gear test track is being demolished to make way for affordable housing. Well, the Eboladrome circuit in The Grand Tour simply doesn’t compare – it’s too technical and lacking in the high-speed straights.

Top Gear is returning this year with Matt LeBlanc at the helm alongside Chris Harris and Rory Reid. Presumably, it’ll be the last series to feature the iconic test track, but it’ll be interesting to see if they keep the rallycross section introduced last series now that Evans is no longer in charge.

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