Watch How Supercars Go Up Elevator To $40 Million Condo

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If you simply can’t imagine leaving your vehicle alone in the parking ...

If you simply can’t imagine leaving your vehicle alone in the parking garage—or any sort of the personal garage—here is your solution. It’s the expensive one, but here it is, nonetheless.

The Porsche Design tower in Miami, Florida houses the elevator made specifically for vehicles, meaning owners can bring their cars up to their apartments with them. And we can’t make this stuff up.

Owners drive into the area and the scanner reads the RFID tag attached to the car. The elevator then automatically scoops the vehicle up hassle free, and the driver is sent up to a floor of their apartment unit.

In the video below, we see the manual process, which the workers say is due to that particular floor’s restrictions.

Well, the rest of the time, this is all the automatic process. Lambos, Paganis, Lotuses, and more can be seen transported up and down from the 56th floor of this tower with relative ease.

Pretty incredible, right? As stated, this lifestyle will cost you. A quick rental search shows the handful of units are open at the Porsche Design tower.

The least expensive of them all is, still not inexpensive. Monthly rent for the three bedroom unit is $20,000 with access to the in-apartment garage and the elevator you see here. That is per month. Other units with better views go for as high as $40,000 per month.

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