Watch This Tuned BMW E30 In Action! Damn That’s Awesome “Cloud Maker”

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Some BMW 3-Series models from E30 generation, and aespecially the M3 and 320is, ...

Some BMW 3-Series models from E30 generation, and aespecially the M3 and 320is, are changing hands for large sums on a used car market.

However, despite their potential collectible status, well, some owners choose to modify them for the whole bunch of different activities, from drifting to the drag racing.

Take this tuned BMW E30, for instance, which has been smoking its tires in the different locations in Stockholm, Sweeden and with such considerable ease, it borders on the ridiculous.

This is thanks to the V8 turbo engine swap, its burnout abilities certainly do it the nickname a Smoke Machine justice – and then some.

Why, in one of the scenes it’ll drift and smoke its tires at the straight line in the tunnel for so long, it creates the haze of smoke so thick it obscures all visibility.

And he even performs the trick among city traffic, narrowly missing the slow-moving minivan on the right lane while drifting. Drifting and all is fine with us, and though we can’t say we condone that last part…

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