Watch Yet Another Boneheaded Ford Mustang Crash

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It’s been the few weeks since we last saw the Ford Mustang crash and for the ...

It’s been the few weeks since we last saw the Ford Mustang crash and for the moment, we naively thought the crashing Ford Mustang menace may have been over. We were totally wrong.

Over the weekend, perhaps one of the most hilarious Mustang accidents happened at the conclusion of the car meet in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Captured by Damien Miller, the video below shows the driver of the blue Ford Mustang doing the burnout while leaving the event. They almost instantaneously lose control of this muscle car and it spins around, thankfully avoiding any barriers of people. And the second Mustang wasn’t quite so lucky.

Less than the second after the first one spun, the white Mustang comes into frame and narrowly misses Damien Miller before crashing into the wall. Shortly after this crash, police cars congregated at the scene. God dammit inexperienced drivers and their showing off sh!t. No wonder I get hate for driving a Mustang because we have the worse reputation thanks to these clueless idiots

What is going to happen next? Two Mustangs crashing into each other while leaving the car meet?

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