Watching Aluminum Wheels Melt Is Completely Hypnotic

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When the old rims get too beaten up or people just need to dispose of them, you ...

When the old rims get too beaten up or people just need to dispose of them, you sell them, right? And did you know what happens when they need to be recycled?

Aluminum is the expensive material and we don’t want to waste any of it, we need to make sure it is used over and over again, and for that purpose, the video below shows how melting aluminum wheels happens!

It is like the scene from the Terminator movie, where sturdy old aluminum rims are put into the extremely hot vat of molten aluminum, disappearing entirely within seconds of being slid into a vat.

It is all so effortless how this guy just slides in the old rims and within the few blinks, the melting aluminum wheels become part of the vat, and without any possible fuss – the melted material simply melts down the rims, it all becomes homogenous.

It takes them about the minute to melt down the dozen rims and after that, they can just re-shape them into anything they want.

The melting temperature of aluminum is from 865 to 1240 Fahrenheit, well, imagine how hot it gets around it! I don’t think there are any side products and this is probably the best way to recycle!

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