All The Ways You Can Make A Red Traffic Light Turn Green

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The traffic lights have probably saved your life more times than you can count, ...

The traffic lights have probably saved your life more times than you can count, which precisely why you can’t really get angry at them for showing red and even though there are no other cars around. But even though nobody can dispute their usefulness, they can become quite the pain in the proverbial butt sometimes. However, instead of launching the petition online that calls for the removal of all traffic lights across the globe, the more likely solution to the problem is to know what you are dealing with. As they say, get to know your enemy. When faced with the camera-equipped traffic light, and what you need to make sure is you position your car as far forward as you can, and also try moving it around so a camera detects the motion and realizes somebody’s there. Try to think of it as the old man that’s half blind and near-sighted, you need to make yourself seen somehow. The advice given by SciShow in this situation is to make sure your vehicle sits in the middle of the induction loop – look for the tiny grooves in the asphalt. Motorcycle riders are even encouraged to put down a kickstand to increase the amount of metal closer to the loop, which in turn would generate the more powerful magnetic field. Of course, if turning red into green is what you’re after, there’s always the somewhat simpler solution: become the daltonist. Red, green – it’ll be all the same to you.

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