Welcome The Fastest Front Wheel Drive Car Of All Time

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Welcome the world’s fastest Front Wheel drive car. It is a stock chassis ...

Welcome the world’s fastest Front Wheel drive car. It is a stock chassis Honda Civic with a two liter four cylinder engine. We are not joking. It is even faster than that crazy German Boba Motoring 1200+hp Golf II.

The car in question is a 20-year-old Civic with more than 350,000 miles under the belt. SpeedFactory Racing from Washington is its father and to make it the fastest, they had to do a whole lot of amazing things.

First of all, a two liter four cylinder is not exactly a large engine. It needed a huge Turbo to develop enough power for all the speed Civic had to achieve. After extensive modification and a whole lot of amazing new parts installed, the two-liter engine was dialed up to 1,850hp at the crank.

So, something like 1,600 at the wheels. See, it was lightened, with drag wheels at the front and incredible H-pattern transmission. The results are awesome. This Civic was able to cross the quarter of a mile line in 7.61 seconds at 199.45 mph. What is more, top trap speed was at 201 mph.

At an importVsDomestic.com World Cup Finals, massively powerful Civic at Maryland International Raceway won against the V8 powered Pontiac Firebird and a Nissan 240SX. Clearly, this is a car with more soul and courage we could ever imagine.

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