Wicked Compilation Of Burnouts Gone Really Bad!

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All automotive enthusiasts have one thing in common, they just love to see a ...

All automotive enthusiasts have one thing in common, they just love to see a powerful machine pushed to its very limit. Still, when it comes to burnouts, they are somewhat divided into two groups. One that just don’t understand it, and those who consider them the best thing in the world. No matter which group you support, this compilation will be worthwhile, believe me.

Burnouts are fairly simple, right? All you need to have is a powerful beater vehicle that you aren’t too worried of trashing, some basic driving skills, a little bit of room, and you will be good to go, right? Well, this compilations actually goes to show that there’s more to it than what meets the eye. The unlucky drivers from this video would be happy to escape uninjured after going through a fiery inferno!

As far as their rides go, we aren’t sure that they survived this ordeal. Still, it is fascinating to watch just how quickly things can go from great to absolutely terrifying! Check out this spine tingling action below!

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