Do Wider Tires Actually Have More Grip? Interesting To See The Results!

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Tires are the absolutely essential part of any car, truck, or SUV. Compounds can ...

Tires are the absolutely essential part of any car, truck, or SUV. Compounds can create the unique handling experiences suited for any type of vehicle, and they can even make the car much more fun to drive.

It’s also the common saying that wider tires provide more grip. In the interest of science, Jason of Engineering Explained has tackled the question in the new video.

With 27 different trucks and SUVs, Jason Fenske is able to give us the answer: Wider tires don’t automatically mean more grip. Instead, the type of tire is the much more important factor.

Looking at tire width and the load on each tire, it is clear that while there is some correlation between the wider tire and grip, other factors are more important.

Oddly, just because athe vehicle is heavier doesn’t mean it stops better or worse either. The Nissan Armada was the consistent outlier in Jason’s tests and data collection—for its heavy weight, and it stopped better than many other trucks and SUVs.

Instead, the type of tire provides the far better correlation when looking at data. Well, summer tires provide the best grip on pavement, and while wide all-terrain tires perform poorly.

Flip it around, wide summer tires perform poorly off road, and the all-terrain tires do great things off the beaten path. Furthermore, specific compounds can even make the difference as well.

The moral of the story? Slapping on the set of ultra wide tires may not provide all the grip the driver is expecting. Carefully choosing compounds and understanding what a tire will be asked to do is much more important.

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