Wind Causes Semi-Truck To Tip, Smash Wyoming Highway Patrol Car

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We have seen some harrowing accidents captured by dash cams over the years, but ...

We have seen some harrowing accidents captured by dash cams over the years, but this is one of the scariest yet. A parked patrol vehicle captured the scene of a trailer truck getting caught in the severe gust of wind, causing it to tip over and crush the nearby cop car, while narrowly avoiding slamming into the camera car.

Fortunately, no one was inside the crushed cop car. According to EastIdahoNews, this accident occurred on the I-80 near Elk Mountain where gusts of wind were said to be around 70 mph when this crash happened.

Our troopers were already in the same area working on two other semi-trucks that had blown off the interstate, the Highway Patrol officer at the scene said.

Fortunately, nobody was in the police vehicle or it would have been a lot worse. The driver and passenger of this truck also escaped unhurt.

However, this accident could have been avoided altogether if wind warning had been heeded. Warnings had apparently been in place at a location for nearly two weeks, but were still being ignored by truck drivers.

We are seeing less and less compliance from these trucking companies when these wind advisories are out,” the officer commented.

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