Who Wins: Fast Car, Slow Driver Or Slow Car, Fast Driver?

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If you know your way around the car, but you can’t afford the go-fast ...

If you know your way around the car, but you can’t afford the go-fast machine, there is no need to spend your dreaming about receiving that track day trophy.

The same kind of glory could await you in the real life and you just have to take your family sedan to a racetrack to grab those laurels. And we have got the video to prove it, one that involves the Volkswagen Jetta and the Porsche 911.

The adventure we are looking at comes from Willow Springs and involves the current-generation Jetta powered by the turbocharged 1.4-liter engine and the not-so-turbocharged Carrera S Neunelfer.

The all-front machine packs the respectable 150 horsepower, while the rear-happy sportscar comes with 400 ponies, which is why a velocity-obsessed crew over at Donut Media decided to place the first in the hands of the skilled driver, while inviting the slow guy to get behind the wheel of the latter.

Some of you might find a format familiar, which probably means you checked out a previous and first episode of the tail, which saw James battling James in the Mitsubishi Mirage vs Mercedes-AMG CLA45 sedan shenanigan.

Despite a fact that you don’t need to be the racing driver to figure out the massive driving skill gap separating these drivers, the 78 horses of a Mirage weren’t nearly enough to prove the driving skill could one day help you leave wealthy guys behind on a track.

Now, before you go on to find out who grabbed the imaginary champagne, and allow us to point out that, especially while abusing the rear-engined animal like the 911, your steering wheel inputs need to be as soft as possible.

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