Witness The Drive Of The STUNNING Maserati MC12

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Maserati MC12 is one of the most iconic supercars of all time. Honestly, if you ...

Maserati MC12 is one of the most iconic supercars of all time. Honestly, if you aren’t impressed by this ride, you shouldn’t really call yourself a car enthusiast.

This stunning machine was only produced in 50 units, along with the 12 that came a bit later on, making it one of the rarest supercars of all time. In fact, a lot of people would actually call this a hypercar. That’s how special it is.

Still, we have seen a ton of brilliant Italian two seaters so far, so what makes this one so special? Apart from the limited production, this car is also one of the best looking vehicles ever produced. Furthermore, it doesn’t just stop there. The ride you are about to see also offers stunning performances. It is no wonder why, considering the fact that it’s powered by a massive V12 engine, capable of producing 620hp!

Those are some dazzling numbers, but this car also came at quite a hefty price. Still, those $700,000 look silly compared to the current price tag, that goes well over a couple millions. With that in mind, you can imagine how special it feels to drive one, and that honor was presented to none other than Shmee, our old friend. Lucky him!

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