Witness The Off-Road Capabilities Of The Mighty Mercedes-Benz Unimog

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When you think of the ultimate capable off-road vehicles, Mercedes-Benz probably ...

When you think of the ultimate capable off-road vehicles, Mercedes-Benz probably isn’t the first manufacturer that comes to your mind. However, did you know that they have one of the most off road used vehicles in the world? The name of this monster is Unimog, and it an all-terrain, all-wheel drive behemoth!

The name actually is an acronym, for Universal Motor Gerat. You probably aren’t familiar with the meaning of this last word, but it roughly translates to machine or device. The history of this model dates back to the years after the WWI, where it was designed to primarily serve as agricultural machine. Although it is very off road capable, this machine is not designed to carry heavy weight, despite it may look that way.

Still, due to that enormous ground clearance and huge tires, this vehicle is equally useful on many rough terrains, from jungles to deserts. It is also used worldwide, from military vehicles and snowploughs to rescue trucks and expedition campers. This video will quickly demonstrate just how reliable and capable this beast is. Furthermore, if this doesn’t impress you, consider the fact that it is still being relied on heavily to this day, even if it was designed almost 60 years ago. What a machine!

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