A Woman Was Caught On Camera Vandalizing A Car For 6 Hours!

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A woman has been filmed vandalizing the car in the Los Angeles neighborhood of ...

A woman has been filmed vandalizing the car in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Koreatown in the truly bizarre scene.

CCTV captured a moment the women began defacing Stacy Omelinoff’s Buick Lucerne while it was parked outside the friend’s house as Omelinoff went on the Thanksgiving holiday.

The video below shows the woman using the pipe, piece of wood and windshield wiper to trash the vehicle. She carved illegible across many of the body panels, smashed a front grille, slashed the tires, pulled off the gas cap and jumped on and wrecked a roof. The brazened vandalism started at approximately 3:11 am on Friday morning last week.

And despite various onlookers stopping to witness and even video a scene, none called the police until approximately 9 am. The woman was then arrested and was held for the 72-hour psychiatric evaluation.

Speaking with KTLA 5, Omelinoff said I paid $511 to fix my engine on the 15th, I was able to get around to come celebrate Thanksgiving … this is what I get.

Thank God for everything I had and this is what I got the next day. And this is what I get for thanking God for everything I had.

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